On Sunday I am moving to university and honestly I am quite excited about starting the next chapter in my life. However, while I have been packing up my bits and bobs and clothes for university I have learnt serval things about myself that I didn’t even realise until i started looking in draws that have piles of stuff in them that I didn’t know was there. So here goes!
1.  If I like a top, I will go out and buy it another three colours. So apparently I have a think for the same Jack Wills top (I even have it in two different pinks) and the Zara basic ‘V’ neck t-shirts, in which I have it in the exact same colour and style as a Hollister top. 

2. Someone needs to stop me from buying Jack Wills tops in the sale. I don’t need similar t-shirts just in the different colours 8 times. I have packed them all mind you. 

3. I found it harder to pick out the shoes I wanted to take with me than picking out clothes. I am finding it quite hard to justify taking 5 pairs of converse, when in reality I only wear two pairs, but hey I might need my old yellow ones at some point in the year. Yeah, I really don’t need to take them. 
4. Don’t pile up all your DVD’s, they will fall down and go everywhere, as well as being surprisingly heavy. So even leaning them up against a book case still doesn’t work and then they fall every where and it takes ages to pick them all up and actually put them back in the book case to store them all nice. 
5. Rolling clothes over folding clothes (saves so much room). Why have I never thought of rolling all my clothes in the past, honestly I have so much room now for my excessive collection of jeans that I insist in taking as I wear them all. 
6. I seem to have a collection of empty notebooks in random places. I must have about 30 of the things, just lying around in draws and cupboards with the occasionally page having a random drawing on, or a list. 
7. I collect bags from shops, that quite frankly take up too much space and I never use them anyway. But the VS bags are just too pretty to throw in the bin. The hollister bags make excellent storage for presents before you have wrapped the presents up at christmas. The Jack Wills and Calvin Klein bags are very picturesque. Yeah I really don’t need them as they are just hiding away in my wardrobe.
8. I need to stop buying shirts. Okay I have enough to get me through winter. 

9. My collection of body con skirts from Pull&Bear and H&M is a lot bigger than I actually thought. So I have the same H&M body con skirt, in the same size may I add, times two of them. Don’t get me started about the Pull&Bear ones, they are just so comfy. 
10. I need to start putting photos in photo albums, inside of putting them in draws and then half go missing . Okay this is a real problem. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but you get photos printed out and then they just say in the photo holder thing you get from like snappy snaps, tescos etc and then they never come out of them. Think I may need to invest in some photo albums or get some frames. 

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