I’m the type of girl who can’t go to work without make up on, but when you also get up at 6am and need to leave the house by 7am it’s all about the minimal five minute makeup routine. Quick, simple and easy to do when you are half asleep and need to get out of the house asap. I’m not working from home, and now wearing facemasks are compulsory on trains you can’t exactly do your make up on the train either and save an extra 10 minutes in bed.

After 4 months of working in an office after being a student for 5 years, I have finally nailed my quick five minute makeup which is normally done at 6:20 in the morning. After my quick morning skincare routine I go straight in with my It Cosmetics CC Cream foundation, which I do love however I think it is now time for a change. Although the foundation is quite thick, I do find that my chin, nose and cheek have no foundation left on them by the end of the day albeit that could be because of wearing a mask. However, despite that it does provide a nice coverage and is easy to apply. I use my beauty blender and in about 2 minutes I am nicely blended. Then it is onto eyebrows. A quick brush and a bit of powder to fill in my already thick and bushy eyebrows (can lockdown end soon as my eyebrows need a wax ASAP). For this I use a L’oreal eyebrow palette, that is the perfect match for the colour of my eyebrows.

For a quick an easy eye look, a simple swish of Charlotte Tilbury’s Walk of Shame palette, either one shade by itself or a mix of two. This is then followed by a quick eyelash curl and a dash of mascara to make me look awake. Then its on to a fellow Charlotte Tilbury product to stop me looking like a ghost, its the Filmstar bronze and glow palette – the perfect palette to stop me looking like a ghost.

And that’s it. A little bit of powder to finish and a spritz of Chloe Love Story and I am ready to eat some breakfast and then leave the house. Also, not forgetting either a lip balm or my holy grail Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick.

It is a simple, minimal make up look perfect for a day at work. Classy and professional and really does only take 5 minutes. This is also a simply easy look for when working from home and when you have to quickly look presentable for a last minute zoom call.


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