Wednesday 19th February brought us Knock-Out Champions League football to North London, as Tottenham Hotspur hosted RB Leipzig. A match that Spurs were arguably the favourites from the moment the draw was done in December, but RB Leipzig should not be underestimated, as they sit second in the Bundesliga. 

As predicted, RB Leipzig shouldn’t be underestimated as they beat Spurs 1-0, in what really felt like a Leipzig home match, with Leipzig dominating possession and missing countless chances throughout the entire match. As for Tottenham, with Harry Kane and Son injured, attacking responsibilities fell to Lucas Moura (who isn’t a striker), and annoyed Dele (again, isn’t a striker), with Lo Celso and Lamela arguably goal threats as well – however, none really were on Wednesday evening. 

With millions of worth of players on the pitch, putting on a performance that wasn’t exactly up to their wages or current price tag, the fan price to watch a not-so-great Tottenham team can vary. 

As a ‘One Hotspur +’ Member, attending a Tottenham match isn’t cheap, especially when you consider current Spurs performances. Not everyone can afford to be a season ticket holder, nor can every member afford to go to every match. Tottenham matches are expensive, not just the ticket price, but when you include transport and food on top, a 90 minute match isn’t always accessible to watch in person at the stadium. However, if you have ever wondered how much it costs to attend a Champions League match for Tottenham, then you are in the perfect place. 


This is based on one the cheapest seat options (and at a youth price) compared to a full priced adult ticket in the South Stand, which will be more. Additionally, because I was in the stadium within the first hour, I did get the meal deal of a ‘pie and a pint’ for £5, otherwise beer starts from around £4.50 and food around that starting point as well. I was actually already in London, so my train ticket wasn’t an issue and was part of my cost of commuting to London / Stratford for university.

It probably was cheaper to watch the match at home on BT Sport, but there is something special about a UCL night under the lights of White Hart Lane.


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