Oh January, why do you have to last 439 days instead of the normal 30/31 days or 28/29 if you are February.

January may have been a long month, but there have been some moments that have been pretty incredible. With both your parents (2 days apart) birthdays in January, and a month off of university – January has been busy but slow. As a football fan, of course January is all about transfers (or lack of), and as a Spurs fan it has been 31 days of having no striker or back up striker, and a Chairman who hasn’t brought a striker – some may say ‘spursy’. Anyway, that’s of the topic. Here is my month in photographs.


When your brows are nicely tamed by the wonderful staff at Benefit Cosmetics, it would simply be wrong to not get a selfie with your ‘new brows’. However, if your brows are anything like mine, they will need doing again in 3/4 weeks.


Oh London, sometimes quite frankly beautiful and other times you want to scream ‘get me out of here’ as you try to avoid tourist central of Leicester Square. January brought about three trips to London, two in central and one in North London (the home of the mighty spurs). Oh wait, I lie, it was two trips to North London, I clearly forgot the Stadium Tour of Tottenham Hotspur.

The month began with a meeting in London, before trying the overpriced but amazing Creme cookies, but at £4 a cookie i’ll make my own next time. Then came Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich (and if you are a football fan, you can read my thoughts here), before a night of Superbowl Warm Up Party with Jason and Osi who were filming their podcast live. The last trip was almost a trip down memory lane for my parents, as a Stadium Tour for my Dad’s birthday. Highly recommend even if you don’t support Spurs or have much interest in football, to get the behind the scenes of press, dressing rooms, and the dugout.


Can you get anymore adorable than your friends dog who is the lickest cutest dog going? The answer is no.

Love Alicia x


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