Oh Winter (and January for that note), the coldness and the dullness can make us all feel a bit meh. I know I suffer from SAD, especially when we don’t get any sun and I’m wishing that I was on the beach somewhere exotic, but my bank balance kindly says ‘no’. Instead of being on a beach, I like to do a little ‘winter pamper routine instead’. Also, let’s just remember that a pamper routine doesn’t always have to mean baths with Lush bath bombs, or a face mask, it can just be about taking time to have some ‘me’ time or enjoying some ‘self-care’ time.

My pamper routine doesn’t start with a fancy lush bath bomb, as quite frankly I am not the biggest fan of baths, probably because during my whole childhood I had baths. That doesn’t mean I don’t have baths from time to time, just not always with Lush products. Taking advantage of my Soap & Glory bath sets from Christmas, I will be using their bath products for a while.

Ironically, I love a good face mask or two. I like to give myself half an hour of proper face mask time once a week. Starting either with a clay mask (Loreal) or Lush Mask of Magnamnity to declog my pores, and then I go in with a sheet mask to help brighten my skin – again, either Loreal or Sephora. Over the years I have worked out what works best for my skin, and I know what my skins hates and causes breakouts, hence why I always stick to my favourites. While both are on my face that the time when I like to get stuck into a book. There was a time when I would spend half an hour scrolling through Instagram, but in 2020 I am making a conscious effort to spend less time on my phone and read more. Alternatively, I will paint my nails and do a whole nail care routine. It should also be the time that I fake tan, but honestly, sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Or if I am being lazy but want to look sun kissed, I will swap by daily body butter for Dove gradual tanner which has been a favourite now for a while. It is quick, easy, and doesn’t make you orange, so really it is a win-win. If I do actually want to fake tan, the I will cover my body in Isle of Paradise.

Also, you can’t forget a good green tea or a glass of wine (whatever floats your boat really).

Love Alicia x


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