‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ and at the most wonderful time of the year, traditions occur. Christmas traditions vary between every household, and no two people probably have the same Christmas traditions.

For me, Christmas is all about eating and spending time with the people you love the most, but also celebrating the year. It’s also a time to relax, unless you work in a job that doesn’t allow for that. Working in retail doesn’t exactly give you time to relax, with moody (rude) customers who think everything is your fault as they left it till Christmas eve to shop (Not my fault). Don’t get me wrong, there are people that work for the NHS and who are careers are the one’s that should be praised over Christmas.

My Christmas Traditions

Baking – Christmas sugar biscuits, mince pies and of course sausage rolls. For me, I love to bake, and it has become some what of a tradition that I bake on Christmas Eve morning or a couple of days before.

Films – Is it really Christmas if you haven’t watched your favourite Christmas film? No. It is a must that The Holiday, Love Actually, and Elf are watched.

Christmas Eve – a trip to the local church in the evening to sing Christmas carols, before a Christmas Eve buffet and all the mulled wine.

Christmas Day – Opening my stocking presents in my parents room (yes i’m 22, and yes I will still be doing it). Bucks fizz and photos, before opening the tree presents. There is normally a FaceTime to family in Australia, before dinner is served at around 1-2pm. Oh and yes we are a family who dresses up, as after all Christmas is a special day, albeit I’m in pyjamas by the Strictly Christmas Special.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Love Alicia x


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