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For years I always thought my ‘niche’ was beauty and fashion, but I never was, nor will be a fashion or beauty blogger. They say that you need a niche, so your readers know what to expect from you, your content, and your blog – so perhaps that is why I never been consistent with blog viewers, or even growing my instagram. 

When I started this blog in December 2014, it was because I LOVED beauty and fashion. My content was primarily aimed at make up, and mirror selfies of my outfits in a week (they have now been deleted), that is what I thought my niche was. However, my heart was never properly in it. Then in October 2015, I headed off to University, and my content began to change – this time I thought about being a student blogger, giving tips on essays, student life, etc. Again, this wasn’t me. 

While in my second year of university, I lost interest in my blog. I didn’t know what to write about, and I tried to be like others. Then I moved to Canada in August 2017 to start my year abroad, and although I didn’t write many blog posts, I began to find my niche again. This time my focus was on travel.

I love writing up posts on places I have been, the little gems I have found, and giving out recommendations of where to eat, what to do, and how to save on the generic tourist attractions. If anything, I became a bit of a travel blogger, and 2018 was the year that I visited quite a few places – from LA, to Ottawa and Toronto to Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies, Seattle, San Francisco, Mallorca, Centre Parcs, and Edinburgh. I found something that I loved writing about, although once I started my final year of university in September 2018, again I lost all interest in my blog. Actually, I lost interest in June 2018.

Final year was a stress, and I simply didn’t have the time to blog. I was either in lectures, the library, at work, or playing lacrosse, blogging yet again became something that I ignored. Looking back, it was probably because I was lost on what to write as once again I didn’t have a niche, and I wasn’t consistent with my content. 

Now I am not saying that beauty, and fashion aren’t my niche, as they are two topics that I both enjoy. The simply fact is, I have never known how to talk about fashion in a blog post. After working in mens fashion retail for five years, my love for fashion has grown. I have the opportunity to dress differently on every shift, and I love putting outfits together, I just can’t find the words to write about said outfits. I also don’t have an insta husband to take all my photos, and my Mum will just moan at me if I started asking every day, so for now mirror photos will have to do. When it comes to beauty, I am slightly better, but deep down I don’t have a clue what I am writing about. Everything I have learned about beauty, skincare, and make up over the years has come from YouTube, and This Morning. I have also calmed my obsession with buying makeup and skincare products that I simply don’t need, and would rather invest in makeup and skincare that I love, and use. 

However, one would have thought that my niche might have been politics, after studying International Relations for four years. Although I have written a few posts on politics, it has never been a topic that I want to write about. Writing essays about politics and IR over the years, and politics being a very subjective topic, had made me not want to write about politics. 

So what is my niche? 

Now, I still don’t actually know what my niche is. Maybe, it is lifestyle and travel, as after all most of my posts are travel related or lifestyle related. 

Then again, I have recently started writing about sport, and more importantly football. I have always watched football, and know I certain amount. I’m not claiming to be a ‘know it all’ or an ‘expert’, but it is something that I enjoy writing about. I also enjoy writing about topics related to sport and football. Recently I published a post about whether football shirts can be seen as fashion after the launch of Tottenham Hotspur third kit, but also in relation to Arsenal marketing for the Notting Hill Carnival, or Chelsea’s third kit launch as well. It was something that I found really easy to write about, but when thinking about it, I managed to link two of my favourite things – fashion and football. 

Maybe I haven’t found my typical blogger niche, that everyone bangs on about. I have found something that I enjoy writing about, and at the end of the day there is no rule to say that you need a niche. People will read your blog, if the content of even just one blog post interests them. 

Do you have a niche?

One thought on “Finding My Niche in the Blogging World

  1. I agree, I don’t believe you HAVE to have a niche, a blog is personal and it’s your own little corner of the internet and trying to fit yourself into a box kind of sucks the fun out of it. It’s food you’ve found topics you enjoy writing about, I seldom see any sports related blog post so it’s refreshing to see something different. Good luck continuing your blogging journey and writing about topics you enjoy.

    Jordanne ||

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