Summer 2019 really has flown by, although at the same time 1st June seems like a life time ago. Here we are, on the 1st September, 2019 is going by like a flash. For me, summer 2019 has somewhat been a defining part in the next stage of my life; from graduating, to solo travel, and applying for a masters.


Two trips have really defined my summer. In June I went back to one of my favourite cities in the world – New York – with my Mum, before jetting off to Singapore in July by myself as a post graduation treat. A weekend break in New York was simply perfect, and this time hardly visiting any of the main tourist attractions, and discovering places to eat that aren’t your typical American chains.

My Guide to New York City

However, my main highlight of summer 2019 in terms of travel, was Singapore. Singapore had been on my wish list for years, and although my original plan was to also include a trip to Thailand (far too expensive in the end), my week in Singapore was a week that I won’t forget. However, the 24 hour trip back home was not fun, and if I go to Asia again, I will be spending more than a week out there.

My Guide to Singapore


July is always a busy month, primarily because of my birthday on the 5th. This year, for my 22nd birthday, it called for a family day trip to London and a meal at The Ivy Tower Bridge, before a lovely Sunday Brunch with my friends on the Sunday after. July was also special this year as I graduated! On Wednesday 17th July, I graduated with a 2:1 in BA International Relations (Including Year Abroad) from the University of Essex. In my head I thought I would have found my dream job by then, and would have a summer free before starting a job in September. Well it didn’t happen.

After returning from Singapore, I finally got round to researching and applying for a masters. I know I want to sport in Sport Communication, PR, and social media, however, with no experience in the industry and living in a part of England which doesn’t exactly have many opportunities, a masters is my way forward.

I’m Going Back to University

I’m also ashamed to admit that I went to my first ever Tottenham Hotspur game, after years of begging my Dad to take me to a match. My first match I attended was in Singapore – a preseason friendly aganist Juventus. Then in August, I literally took my Dad back home, and we saw Spurs v. Inter Milan. Long story short, my Dad hadn’t been to see the Spurs since the 1990s, and my grandparents had a shop in Tottenham Highroad from the 1950s-1970s, but I have always grown up in a Tottenham household, and see emotions sky rocket over the years.

Spurs in Singapore – Preseason ICC Match v. Juventus

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 9 – – –

As we go into the last four months of 2019, I have so many exciting things to look forward too. From starting MSc Sport Marketing at Loughborough University London, to seeing the Spurs on the regular (already have three matches to look forward too), and I’m going to Paris in December with my Mum.


3 thoughts on “A Round Up of Summer 2019

  1. Wow, two trips in a year! I cannot imagine how lovely Singapore is though my friends have told me it is a clean and marvelous city. In my imagination, compared to that, New York comes across as a little dirty but still a place where I want to go.

    You share a birthday with my brother. 😊


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