‘I’m going back to university’, is a strange sentence for someone who graduated last month. However, I’m not going to university for an undergraduate degree, as what would have been the point of the last four years?

This time around, I’m going back to university to study for a masters. From September I am pleased (and excited as hell) to be studying MSc Sport Marketing at Loughborough University London.

The decision to study a master’s was pretty easy in the end, but finding the right course was a bit of a challenge. After struggling to find a graduate job (or entry level) in sport marketing, communication, social media, or PR, with my BA International Relations degree, postgraduate study was my best option. res

My undergraduate degree was amazing, but I never wanted a career in the political sector. I have, of course, thought about a career in political communications and PR for either Parliament or a political party, but my heart lies in the sporting world. However, I will never regret my political science degree. I have learnt so much in a range of different areas, from UK political parties, IR theory, political scientists ideas and theories, analysing political data, analysing what causes states to go to war etc, it truly has been fascinating, but I can’t see a career in it for me. Don’t get me wrong, i’m still fascinated by politics, and I’m always reading about politics, but sport marketing and communication is a career where I can see myself for the rest of my working life.

The choice therefore to study MSc Sport Marketing at Loughborough University London seemed pretty straightforward after researching a number of different postgraduate courses. Unlike at undergraduate level, there is no UCAS, and often it is a google search and researching each institute and course. I looked up and down the country, and originally I was going to apply for UCFB, but something didn’t feel right. Then, I came across this course offered by Loughborough. A university renowned for its sporting links, but with a campus in London, and a course where the modules appeal to me and what I want to do in terms of a career, it seemed a no brainer.

Over the course of the year, I won’t be forgetting my blog this time, and plan to keep the travel, lifestyle, and football content on the go – plus I want to include more fashion content.

So here’s to the next year, and more debt to Student Finance England!

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