You could say the main tourist attraction in Seattle is the Space Needle, but when the crowds are bigger at the FIRST EVER Starbucks just outside of Pike Palace Market, then perhaps Seattle is not famous for their own mini CN Tower – but rather coffee. 

With only 36 hours to explore the Washington State famous city, it involves a lot of walking, and stops for bakery treats. To cram in Pike Palace Market, Kerry Park, the Space Needle, and a wonder into the Capitol Hill district, are not the only sights you will see in this somewhat smaller U.S city. 
Seattle is a lovely city, however even if you only have a day to see some of the beautiful sights of Seattle, you will also see the poverty of the city as well. Seattle is not the only city in North America, but for me, the homeless population was one of the biggest I have seen in any North American city. However, this should not be a factor why you decide not to take a trip to Seattle. It is a sad fact, but you will see homeless people in most places, but they will not bother you unless you probably do something to attract their attention.

However, you simply can’t be put off from visiting Seattle because of the large homeless population. Seattle has great food, and has a relaxed west coast feel to the city.

So you only have 36 hours to explore Seattle? Well, here are my tips on what to see, and where to eat on a quick trip to Seattle. 

To see the city, head out early and make your way to Pike Place Market which you have probably heard of because of Starbucks. The famous market sells everything from flowers, fresh meat and fish, cheese, sweets (Candy, as the American’s like to call them), and a variety of other small shops selling books, magnets, stationary etc. While, you are in the area also head down to the Gum Wall, located under Pike Place Market. Although it maybe gross, you could add your own gum to the ever growing wall of gum, or try and get a cool photo. Similarly, you can’t go to Seattle without a visit to the first Starbucks, located just outside of Pike Place Market. Yes, there probably will be queues, but you can buy exclusive Starbucks mugs, and the line does go down pretty quickly.

After a morning exploring Pike Place, head to Kerry Park which will take you about 30 – 40 minutes depending on the route you take, and your pace going up hill. Yes it is a steep one, but the views are sure worth the walk.

You have probably worked up an appetite after the morning spent walking and exploring, then take a trip to Capitol Hill where you will find plenty of cafes and resturants to have lunch. If ice cream is your thing, then pop into Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. I recommend the Honey & Lavender, or they do do more original flavours as well.

Now you probably want to do some shopping while you are in the city so head down to the Westlake Park area, where you will find everything from Macy’s, a really good Forever 21, Sephora, Vans, and Madewell to name a few. If shopping does not take your fancy, then still head down to the area, and take a pit stop at Dahlia Bakery, for incredible cookies or one of their famous cream pies.

To finish the afternoon off have a walk to the Space Needle, where you also have the Museum of Pop Culture, Science Centre, and a Laser Dome which I can’t comment on, as I just went to look at the Space Needle and grab some free wifi.

Is it Dinner time yet? Well if you are looking for a ‘healthy’ option then grab dinner at VeggieGrill. VeggieGrill is a vegan menu, but you will find something to eat from the huge variety on the menu. The taco bowl went down a treat.

Any other places? 

Well the pier isn’t too bad, but if you are expecting Santa Monica / Pier 39 then you will be bitterly disappointed, but the views are pretty great.

China Town / International District is also interesting, although just don’t walk around there by yourself, or at night, as it is a pretty dodgy area.

How to get around? 

I like to see a city best by foot, as you tend to see a lot more. However, Seattles Link Light Rail is fairly cheap, which is good if you are coming or going to the Greyhound Station or the airport. From International District to the airport it takes 30 minutes, and only costs $2.50. 


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