In the midst on a mid-term and an essay due in on Wednesday, I thought now would be a great time to actually write a blog post after nine weeks, yep NINE weeks. Okay, I’m kinda a bad blogger but at least I have been posting on Instagram basically daily, so I guess that counts for something? Maybe, not.

It’s has a been a fair while since I last sat down and actually wrote a blog post, but since then I have been living in Canada. Now you probably already know this is you follow me on Instagram or just read my last post, but I am here in Canada on my study abroad year. You know the crazy thing is, is I had this amazing post written about the first 10 days in Canada, then by mistake I deleted it and I just ignored my little space on the internet, but the last nine weeks have been crazy.


Nine weeks ago I was on a plane, by myself, not knowing anyone about to start this crazy year off. Since then I have met some incredible people; been to UNESCO world heritage sites; sat for hours on  coaches; joined a cheerleading team; and somehow actually done some work. 
Studying abroad is not the easiest thing in the world. Yes, the last nine weeks have been incredible, but it is the company that has helped and the friends that I have made. There has also been times when it has sucked. When all you want is your own bed and proper food not isn’t fried and involves some vegetables. We have all had a little cry then and now. Laughed, smiled and experienced things that I would have never had done and been able to see without this opportunity. 
Nine weeks is a pretty long time … 
Love Alicia x 

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