I am an only child, and you know what I am perfectly fine with being an only child because at the age of 18 I couldn’t imagine my life with a brother/s or sister/s, it would just feel weird. Out of all of my friends, I am the only when that is an only child as most of them are like one of three or something, and that did used to bother me that I didn’t have anyone else at home except for my mum and dad. Being an only child is not that bad, trust me, because I really do love it. 

1. Just because we are only children, does not mean we are spoilt rotten. 
Yes I am spoilt but I have seen people who are not only children who are a lot more spoilt than me. Now I am talking about getting brought brand new cars, getting everything they want, not having to work because mummy and daddy will pay for it and so much more. I am spoilt, I know I was spoilt. I used to get things when I was younger all the time, but I was also spoilt with love from my parents as well. Nowadays, I am not spoilt. My parents only buy me things for Christmas and Birthday and I have to pay half towards my car, but that honestly doesn’t bother me. 
2. Being an only child does not mean childhood is lonely and boring. 
Hey I had imaginary friends who I used to pretend to make dances with when I was like 7 and I had great fun. Also, I would spend a lot of time with friends, especially during primary school. I used to go dancing like three times a week, going to youth theatre and go horse riding. Therefore my childhood was not boring or lonely, and my parents made sure of that. 
3. Just because I am an only child, does not mean that I don’t know how to share. 
Just don’t touch my food, because food is precious, but you can borrow my colourful pretty pens if you want to. 
4. We don’t make it a big deal that we are only children 
We don’t go around announcing to the world that we are only children, it normally gets brought up when people ask you. Plus, we don’t have to boast about what other siblings are doing or be compared to them. 
5. We can be highly sensitive, can crave attention and are parents are kinda over protective. 
Yes my parents are over protective but at the same time they can be clueless as its still a learning process for them, but aren’t all parents a bit overprotective. Sensitivity can also effect us as well, but that isn’t something that you can just label to every only child. And finally, we like the attention is small doses, but at the same time we also like are alone time as well. 
Love Alicia x
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