Hi Guys!

On the 5th July I turned 18 and I got a quite a few presents that I thought I would share with you guys. This post isn’t to brag or to show off, but if you are like me I love reading these posts or watching videos like these as I am very noisy person.

My main present was a Tiffany necklace. I had been asking for a Tiffany necklace for quite a few years now so my parents knew that I wanted one. I got the heart shaped charm with the letter ‘A’ in the middle for my name. I much prefer this style, to the one that has all the writing in the middle which everyone seems to have.

The next thing that I got was a Daniel Wellington Watch. Now there is a story to go along with this and if you have read my ‘Italy Haul’ post I kinda sort of suggest the story but not quite. I had been after this watch for a while and I didn’t actually own a watch that worked, so every time I went to work I used to have to ask to borrow my mums watch. Anyway while walking around in Venice I saw a Jewellers that were selling there watches at $119 euros, whereas in England they cost £119 or £120 for the style I wanted. We didn’t actually get in Venice because I just kinda saw it and you didn’t thing about it until later. Anyway when we worked it out to the price in pounds from the euro we would actually be saving around £40. Then we tried to find it in shops everywhere. There was no places in my resort area that sold them and then when we went to Treviso, we couldn’t find it again. Until we were back with the group going back to the coach so we couldn’t stop and get it. So my dad actually ordered it off of the Italian Daniel Wellington website to get it at the eurozone price. This watch is so pretty and looks really elegant on my wrist. I also love the fact that it has a leather strap.

Also from my parents I got four Victorias Secret Sprays in ‘Love Addict’, which I am sure they spray in the shops, ‘Passion Struck’, ‘Such a Flirt’ and ‘Secret Escape’. I had already picked these out a while ago as I wanted to move anyway from buying my favourite of Mango Temptation.

I also got Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and Benefit Roller Lash.

Back in the January sales my Mum did get me another Jack Wills hoddie, which she kept from me until my birthday. I loved Jack Wills hoddies, they are so comfy and yeah I just love them.

I always get a few DVD’s each year as well, so this year I got ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and  ‘Maleficent’. My favourite Disney film of all time is ‘Beauty and the Beast’, so I was extremely happy about getting that DVD.

Every birthday I also get a perfume as well, this year I chose Viktor and Rolf ‘Bonbon’ as I think I smelt it back in around January time and feel in love with it.

I also went to see Wicked in London and then went shopping the following day, but I will talk about that in another blog post coming soon.

My Auntie who lives in Australia also organised for me to have Afternoon tea in London, which I will probably do sometime in August or maybe September.

I did also get a few more things from Family and Friends as well but I thought I would leave this blog post here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love Alicia xx


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